UPHOLSTERY BLOOM - 85%PVC+15%PL - MARTINDALE 50.000 - CATEGORY "A" | | | Bloom is an innovative coated fabric designed and developed by Flukso® for contemporary furniture. Its very specific formulation is conceived to obtain a soft and comfortable surface, while maintaining typical characteristics of PVC leathers normally used in the field of upholstery. Bloom looks like real leather with a small and matt grain surface

UPHOLSTERY SECRET - 75%PVC+2%PU+22%PES - FIRE RESISTANCE: EN 1021-2:2006; UNI 9175 classe 1 IM; BS5852-1:1979 part I - MARTINDALE 60.000 - CATEGORY "A" | | | Secret is a flame retardant coated fabric soft to the touch and similar to real leather.Secret contains new polymers that are even more resistant to sun exposure, weathering and sea water.Secret has been designed to realize soft interior upholstery and technical products for the outdoors. Its elastic backing, made of polyester, allows it to adapt to the new geometries of upholstery with greater assurance of strength and durability.



UPHOLSTERY FENICE - 75%WOOL+25%POLYAMIDE - FIRE RESISTANCE: EN 1021 part 1-2 - MARTINDALE 100.000 - CATEGORY "B" | | | Fenice, modern trendy wool flanelle. The innovative finishing gives a soft hand although the fabric reaches a high abrasion and pilling value. The warm colour selection can be coordinated with all the other Pugi's products either for contract or office interior decoration.

UPHOLSTERY ESEDRA - LINEN LOOK - 100%POLYESTER - FIRE RESISTANCE: BS 5852 punto 11 CRIB 5 EN 1021-2 UNI 9175 classe 1 IM UNI 9177 classe 1 - MARTINDALE 60.000 - CATEGORY "B" | | | Esedra is an upholstery fabric 100% made in Italy and it has been conceived for residential and contract upholstery. Its yarn lightly flamed and its textile structure make Esedra similar to cotton and linen but with higher technical skills and an easier cleaning process. Specific dyeing and finishing treatments give Esedra a typical soft and pleasant sensation. Its flame retardant and resistant yarn makes Esedra useful also for contract upholstery. Esedra belongs to the Demitec line which introduces a new concept of fabric, born from the strong experience of Flukso and aimed to revolution the world of upholstery. Demitec mixes together the elegance, the embracing materials and the prestige of traditional home fabrics with the resistance and the high technical performances typical of contract textile.

UPHOLSTERY SUPERB - VELVET - 100% POLYESTER - FIRE RESISTANCE: EN 1021 1-2 ; UNI9175 1IM ; UNI9177 CLASSE1 ; BS5852 Crib 5 ;NF 92.503 M1 ; DIN 4102–B1 - Martindale 60.000 - CATEGORY "C" | | | Superb, the Demitec velvet by Flukso, comes in 52 lively and bright colours.Superb is soft yet lasting, resistant to wear, suitable for both public settings and home. Superb is a timeless velvet; it adapts to every style no matter if classic or modern. It is fireproof and easy to maintain.

UPHOLSTERY HOT - CHENILLE LOOK - 100% POLYESTER - FIRE RESISTANCE: BS 5852 crib 5 EN 1021 part 1-2 UNI 9175: classe 1IM - Classi Potenziali-Potential FR Classes M1(F) – classe 1 (I) / B1(D) – BT117 (USA)) - Martindale 45.000 - CATEGORY "C" | | | Hot is a polyester fabric entirely manufactured and tested in Italy that has been studied for the upholstered furniture sector. Special dying methods are used to provide volume to Hot fabrics and make them super soft. This fabric is highly resistant and both its warp and texture are 100% fireproof. Since it has successfully passed the most exacting reaction to fire tests, it can be used in the professional and hospitality/contract settings.


UPHOLSTERY EXTREMA AU - 63%PU+29%+COT+8%PES - FIRE RESISTANCE: EN 1021 part. 1-2 UNI 9175 Classe 1 IM BS 5852 part. 0-1 BS 5852 Crib 5 IMO Res. 2010 FTP CODE IMO Res. A.652 (16):1989 TB 117: 2013 - Martindale 150.000 - CATEGORY "D" | | | For 20 years Extrema has been the absolute queen of eco-leathers, as well as a brand recognized by international architects and designers, and is now presented in this new version with 48 new modern-toned colours. The soft surface, warm to the touch with a mat leather-effect has been created with modern multi-layer coating techniques on a dyed fabric base, making Extrema one of a kind in its class. Laboratory tests carried out on Extrema show its exceptional long life that comes from the use of innovative high-resistance polymers and flame retardant polyurethanes. Extrema is phthalate-free and contains “Ultra Fresh”, an anti-microbial that is added during manufacturing to create a barrier against mites, bacteria and fungus.